Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Days in the Sinking City

Venice, Italy September 4, 2009

When we arrived in Venice, it was very early in the morning. The sun wasn't up quite yet and it was a little chilly. We waited for the tourist information booth to open up so we could begin planning out our days. We got a guide from the information booth that stated the events day by day. Cody saw the concert for the Love Duets and signed us up for it.

After we purchased the tickets for the Duetti d' Amore, we went to San Marco Square and enjoyed a light lunch followed by a specialty dessert. Here is Cody's dessert and you can tell he was enjoying it very much.

Enjoying the live music and dessert.

That evening we went to see, Duetti d' Amore (Love Duets) in a palace. It was so great! This was my favorite event in Venice. We didn't take a Gondola ride and yes, I turned down that to go to this once in a lifetime event.

Imagine an evening in a wealthy rich home filled with antique furnishings, drapes, and, frescoes on the ceiling. Then imagine, two people who are singing and acting out the duets of love all sung in Italian. It was a beautiful evening with much anticipation from one scene and song to the next. Allow me to let the amazing photos tell of the magnificence we experienced.

These were the entertainers for the evening.

From the window of the palace, Cody took this amazing photo of the Venice Canal. He is a wonderful photographer and learned a lot from our trip with the new camera. Oh and I can't wait to get a larger print of this photo and hang this on our travel wall.

Standing inside the palace by the window.

You know the fashion in Italy........I'll let the pictures do the talking. They are so intricately done and I loved the one with the paper sculpture. Enjoy!

I took this picture because it was in the window for a clothing company and I loved the sculpted flowers.

The next day we walked around Venice and went to a couple of museums. On the way, we ate some lunch and took lots of photos.

Eating lunch.

These may look like flowers, but they are peppers. I loved the bright colors and the way it looked like flower bunches.


  1. Wow, what a nice to see the things we are read and see in pictures but never get to visit...I know you all had a wonderful time there...hope to see it some day....great pics!!!!!

  2. Never made it to Venice on our Europe trip, but it looks like a magical city! Glad you got to enjoy this ancient city :) HUGS!!!